Louise Griffith 2020 Events

August 12th from 9-10:15 am

You Are Worth It: What’s Holding You Back?

8 out of 10 professional women fail to reach their full potential because of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, often develop in childhood and hold us back into adulthood.

My mission is to banish limiting beliefs and help women realize their worth.

What I Know To Be True:

  • Thinking and believing they are not good enough.
  • Failing to acknowledge their personal power to make an impact.
  • Not recognizing the many choices they have in front of them.
  • Neglecting to honor the gifts and strengths they bring to themselves, their family and the world.

So, I invite you to be open to what’s possible an empowering way by joining my free presentation on “You Are Worth It: What’s Holding You Back?.”

Why Attend My Free Workshop?

Leave my workshop with an empowered plan! You will…​

  • Unlock your obstacles and challenge thought patterns that hold you back.
  • Become the author of your own story, choosing to be a victor rather than a victim.
  • Develop the courage to open yourself to different ways of thinking about your worth and value.
  • Step into your potential and experience the magnificence of who YOU truly are.

Your participation can change the outcomes for the rest of the year!

– Aren’t you worth it?

August 12th from 9-10:15 am

Complimentary presentation – a $125 value.
Time: 9-10:15 a.m.
Place: Online Via Zoom

Limited to 20 professional women who desire more clarity, confidence, and motivation.
Bring your coffee or tea and join in the conversation!

Email me: Louise@oneshininglight.com to reserve your spot & get the login credentials

Testimonial For Past Workshops:

Conversation Circles and You Are Worth It: What Are You Waiting For? events are currently being planned.
Check back for more details.

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